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That was a very good trade! I just saw this and MITT is 6.28 bid now and MFAN is 25.12. I presume that I shouldn't enter at these prices.

Incidentally, I think I can get here but only by using the link you sent me when I subscribed. When I try to go to substack.com, I can't seem to get to you, although I can get to Yield Hunting but can only see new posts.

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I see. I hadn't realized how awkwardly designed the substack.com address is for navigating services.

Start by going to www.thereitforum.com

That should handle everything.

Let me know if there is anything at all that isn't working as expected from that address. The Substack network doesn't do a great job of funneling members to the services they have joined. It would be nice if it did, but going directly to our domain should take care of it.

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