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Our full service is available on Substack and on Seeking Alpha. I quote prices using the annual rates because most of our members sign up annually.

Substack: $599.99/year.

Special link: 30-day free trial to The REIT Forum on me. Your renewal rate never goes up. $599.99 every year.

Special link 2: 10% off for the first year on substack, which makes it $539.99 for the first year and $599.99 thereafter.

Seeking Alpha: $679/year.

Special link: 10% off for the first year on Seeking Alpha which makes it $611.10 for the first year and $679 thereafter. This is a referral link, so it drops my costs down to 3% + 10%.

If you’re part of our service on Seeking Alpha, you can contact me to get complimentary access to our Substack page.

What if you want to switch to Substack, but you have a very old membership that is grandfathered in at a lower rate? You can keep the grandfathered rate. Just let us know we’ll get it arranged for you.

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  • You’re able to e-mail me directly. My average reaction time is much faster.

  • If you refer friends (use the “share” button on our website in the articles we send out), you get free time added to your premium subscription. This happens automatically and it can only be done for Substack memberships.

  • The entire article shows up in your inbox, which most readers find extremely convenient.

  • We handle customer service directly, which often results in happier customers.

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It was a very difficult adjustment to establish ourselves on a second platform. Your support is critical to our success. I greatly appreciate every member who chooses to sign up for our service here.

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