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Why Not Just Follow On Seeking Alpha?

If you’re just following our free articles on Seeking Alpha, you’ll miss out on several articles only posted to The REIT Forum.


We’re not competing with the flood of low-quality or automated analysis. If you’re used to reading automated articles or the musings of a random college student, you’re in for a wake-up call. These are our competition:

We’re here to compete with the big investment banks. We’re here to provide you with the kind of research you need to get an edge when you’re investing.


We’ve been successful in our competition. We measure our performance against the ETFs many investors would choose if they didn’t have access to our research:

Since we began our service, we’ve posted outstanding results that dramatically surpassed the results achieved by the major ETFs for our types of assets.

Our performance is not measured with a hypothetical portfolio. It isn’t measured based on the average performance for stocks we mentioned. It doesn’t include retroactively selling a position after a bad announcement.

Quite frankly, I see that bullshit way too much.

Our returns are based on the accounts I personally own. We include all of the accounts. Monthly returns are the difference between the starting and ending values, adjusted for any funds added or removed.

You can see the process below:

Pretty easy, right?

How can you track the portfolio value? We include all our positions in the same spreadsheet.

It’s pretty easy to see how we’re doing on each position:

Grey lines indicate the position is in our taxable account.

What if we closed a position? You wouldn’t want an analyst just hiding their losers.

We make those positions easy to find also:

These screenshots only show the early trades, but the sheets for our members run through the present day.

Why don’t other analysts do that? What’s wrong with transparency?

How We Do It

We work harder than the other guys. That’s the trick. We put in the extra time to dig deeper into the performance of each stock. We learned the nuances of accounting to identify opportunities where investors are focusing on the wrong metrics. We translate that knowledge into a simpler presentation, including clear ratings and targets.

Even great ratings aren’t enough by themselves. We don’t just rate the stocks; we invest in them. Brilliant! Tired of reports from analysts who only own an index fund? We eat our own cooking by investing in the same stocks we’re covering. We disclose our positions explicitly and highlight which shares we want to purchase or sell, so you can see our trades coming.

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